I’ve recently taken up the practice of Mindfulness Meditation, I sometimes find it very hard to switch off from my PhD and I’ve found the practice so far to help clear my mind. For those of you who are new to the technique, just starting out or even seasoned practitioners; this month’s Om Yoga magazine has some useful tips on how to get in the mindfulness zone. Here are just a few.

Ditch the technology. The only way to focus on meditation is to eliminate distractions. Switch off your phone or leave it in another room if you have too. Focus is key with mindfulness meditation.

Acknowledge the thoughts. Thoughts flow through our mind even during meditation, but the point of mindfulness is to accept this but not listen to them and ignore them.

Focus on one thing. To meditate you focus on something intently, such as your breathing, a flower or a memory you enjoy. Sometimes I focus on the task in hand, ie. a mindful walk home.

It takes time to learn how to meditate. Start with small goals, 3 minutes, 5 minutes… And just build up. I’m only just able to do 10 minutes, any longer and I usually nod off!

There are many positives to meditation. It is believed that living a mindful life can lead to a stronger mind, more focus, more self-awareness and may even help your memory. 

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