I usually manage 2 workouts a week, although I’ve really been trying to fit in another recently. My usual is a spin class then a personal training session, but I’ve managed to fit in a second spin class a couple of times this year. However, I’m getting a little tired of just spinning.

A few weeks ago I got sent an email about a new class called Fierce at my local gym, a barefoot class based on tribal dance. So I decided to give it a go… I have to admit I’ve been against scared of dance style classes, finding I can’t keep up with Zumba but finding a new class that no one had done before might mean I’m at the same level!

Yesterday I went along and had a really good time. The moves built, simple to start but more complex to the end of each track, which meant I could keep up. It was fab cardio too! I’m definitely returning next week, but tonight is spin night. I’m definitely feeling a bit more energised for having a different workout yesterday though.

My mate Lizzy discussed switching up your workouts and routine yesterday and although I’ve only tried one new workout in my week, I’m definitely going to try a few more over the next few weeks. Hopefully it’ll make me less bored of working out. I’ve also got some hiking and climbing planned in the next few weeks to add some outdoors exercise into the mix!

What’s your usual workout plan? Can you recommend me any other classes to try out?

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