I really am back into running and life outdoors in a big way. After our successful trip to Scotland I am absolutely all for life outside at the moment. This year we have started to pick up more trail running, so today I’m going to share 5 Reasons to Love the Trails.

#1 The Peace and Quiet

First things first it’s nice to get out into the countryside. I like to ditch the music and enjoy the sound of the outside world. I spend so much time with headphones in, it’s actually quite wonderful to have some quiet time. Dr W and I like to make our trail runs on a Sunday so they can be a bit longer and a bit slower. It gives us time to chat but also gives time for quiet moments. It really is quite a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning.

#2 Mud Glorious Mud!

I genuinely do not mind the mud. My local Parkrun is a proper mud bath. (Yes I will run straight through the puddles and splash those trying to avoid – haha!) I really quite enjoy a squishy run, it makes the shower when you get home more rewarding. I know it’s not for everyone. But if you’re going to invest in a grippy pair of trail shoes, then you may as well put them through their paces right?!

#3 Forest Bathing

Whilst away we ran through some lovely forests. There’s nothing quite like the silence in a forest. The Japanese recommend spending time in a forest for mental health and mindfulness reasons and I’d be inclined to agree. The colours, even in winter are just beautiful. We’re very lucky to live near some woods, but they can be full of walkers. On some of our adventures in Scotland we didn’t see another human all day!

#4 Exploring Somewhere New

We sometimes use trail runs (especially if we are away on hol) to explore new places in bad weather. Sometimes they lead to us discovering hiking routes for the future, or just give us a way to discover what’s around us. I genuinely love exploring the countryside with a run and in bad weather at least your run is going to be shorter than a walk. Quicker to get home and then quicker to have a shower/hot brew in hand to recover!

#5 The Challenge

Running up hill, whether it’s tarmac, rocks or mud, is never an easy thing. Trail running is a great challenge and I am definitely not the fastest when it comes to it. But I do really enjoy the challenge that trail running brings. It’s such a rewarding feeling to look back up at the hill you’ve just run up/down. Or look back over the route you’ve just conquered on Strava. I’m hoping to challenge myself by running some trail races this year.

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