Tips for Making New Habits

One thing I’m learning as a grown up is that it’s definitely hard to form new habits and keep them going. Apparently it takes 6-8 weeks to ingrain something into our schedules, but most give up after 4! With that in mind I have been trying to do new things, such as scheduling my work better (getting there), exercising regularly (struggling with that one a bit) and meal planning (def got this one sorted!) This month Om Yoga Magazine have a few tips about keeping yoga in your life and also how to keep new habits going. Here are some tips that are applicable to any situation!

Stop punishing yourself.

We’re all to often hard on ourselves for things we “should’ve done” or “didn’t do.” This negativity will only reinforce not doing that thing again, take it from me I do this all too often! Especially with the PhD! From now on I reward myself (yes sticker chart!) for what I get done or what exercise I do, no matter how small a task or short a run.

Accept failure and learn to move on.

I think this goes hand in hand with the point before. You’ll fall off the horse, be it a new morning routine or trying the 2 hour rule for writing. Accept this, try again tomorrow.

Challenge yourself.

I’ve stupidly decided that I want to run TEN miles in summer. It’s been a while since I’ve run anything that far. Make a challenge, even if it’s a new make up routine or an amount of books you want to read this year.

Incorporate a small work out into your wake up routine.

I’ve started doing 3-5 sun salutations in the morning before my shower, not only does this wake me up, it counts as something. You could even try this 6 minute workout.

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