So You’re Not Running a Spring Marathon Anymore… | Manchester Marathon Update #8

I learnt not to be a fair weather runner

Training started in the depths of winter in the dark. It was really tough, and to add to it the weather got a bit crazy. Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis and Storm George. I couldn’t escape the rain on my longest runs of my training. Luckily I stocked up on bath stuff from Lush, as there were plenty of post-long run bath situations. Part of the reason for running through the bad weather was that if it was gonna rain on race day, at least I was mentally prepared! After the very miserable and rainy Oxford Half Marathon, I really needed to work on that.

I learnt how to persevere

I started marathon training having only run as far as 13.1 miles, so it was going to be new to me. I gently worked my way up to 17 miles, the longest run of my block. It should’ve been further, but things got in the way. I’m still chuffed though, but it leaves me ready to attack the plan next year and get further in my training runs.

I learnt that I love running

Honestly, the solitude of Sunday running was one of the best things. The brunches afterwards were absolutely amazing. The sense of accomplishment was everything. I learnt to love gels, I bought endless new running kit and I loved getting to know the running community. I made lots of running buddies via. I’ve honestly been ever so lucky to meet people to enjoy parkrun with and even run training runs with.

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