Race Recap | Maverick Inov8 Original Somerset 6k Race

Last week I had a bit of a wobble with my Oxford half marathon training. Runs didn’t go to plan and my brain went into hyperbole that I could no longer run.

So along came the weekend though and a double race weekend. I had decided to use them as training runs though, as the main event is Oxford Half Marathon next month. On Saturday I made the journey to Bath for race number one, the Maverick Inov8 Original Somerset Short Race. This was somewhat different to Maverick Peaks, that was an epic affair over 10 miles. This instead was a less hilly, but more undulating course over just under 4 miles. I was to use it as an easy run after failing at two easy runs earlier in the week. I should point out that these races were planned before I knew about the Oxford ballot, but who doesn’t fancy earning a medal for a training run eh?!

The route started and finished on Bath racecourse. We went out across the race course then over a busy road to hit a lovely little trail loop. There was a bit of single track, which always causes bunching, but as I was taking it easy I didn’t mind. I had a little chat with some of the others and discovered running on freshly ploughed fields is just as tricky as a crop heavy field. There were no fields of dreams in this case! Haha! About half way we made friends with some cows and fought a few nettles. Before we knew it we were back on the race course. I finished bang on what I wanted too time wise and pace wise, and got the most gorgeous medal for it.

After the race I enjoyed a brew and some peanut butter and banana bread. A delicious combo that I’m going to try and make myself I think! Perfect for autumn! Overall it was another wonderfully organised race by Maverick.

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