Life takes it’s toll on our feet, but when you add running to the mix it really plays havoc with your happy feet. Hard skin, blisters and wonky nails, runner’s feet can end up being a right mess.

So what do I do to keep my poor runner’s feet as happy as they can be? Well I have a very simple foot care routine… Firstly I make sure I keep my trainers fresh and bug free by using this Scholl Fresh Step* shoe spray. With lots of sweat glands on our feet, that obviously work over time whilst we run, odour and bugs can build up in your shoes. So after every run I spray my shoes with this to keep them smelling fresh.

I also once a week (or so) use my Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi* electric foot file to get all the hard skin that can build up from running and just generally being on my feet a lot. It’s a handy device, battery powered too, which is useful as I always struggled with normal foot files. I also scrub my feet with a foot scrub after and then moisturise, I find this helps keep my feet super smooth for longer.

Once I’ve made sure my feet are pristine I like to put them in some wonderful socks, now if you follow me on Instagram you may know about my sock obsession. Chatty Feet sent me their Baddass Sock Collection* to help keep my feet as happy as possible. In the collection is The Sock Father, Mambo, Toeminator and Karate Feet! I have to admit my favourite is definitely the Toeminator, wearing these definitely makes my feet happy feet as the socks are so soft and comfy.

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