How is My Lockdown Training Going? | Running Update

So here we are, in a weird time where our time outside is very much restricted. To be honest I still feel a bit awkward being a runner at heart. So I have been branching out my lockdown training to include working out more from the comfort of my own home.

Today I’m sharing a little update of what I’ve done so far…


OK so as part of my lockdown training I am still running. Despite Manchester Marathon being postponed, I continue to run but have dropped it right down. I’m not really going further than 5k when I run during the week and at the weekend the longest I’ve run is 7 miles and that’s only because I got up early. I must admit the first week or so was really stressful trying to distance from people, but I’ve learnt new routes and found the times/places to escape to avoid others. So for as long as we’re allowed outside a bit, I will be going, but not every day.

PE with Joe Wicks

A friend of mine last week asked if I would “join” her (via Zoom) for PE with Joe. Now I did a Body Coach HIIT workout mid marathon training and it caused me a bit of trouble. But I figured this time I have the time and energy to recover properly because I’m not running as much as I was. So last Friday I joined Joe and my friend for my first virtual PE lesson. WOWEEE it was hard work! I must admit that I was sore for a few days after. It hasn’t put me off though and this week I’m trying to join in every day. It’s such a great workout and full of much needed positivity.

Team Project Run: Build a Stronger Runner

I joined Team Project Run when I started Manchester training. It’s been great to join an encouraging community of runners and our coach Lloyd Kempson was on it straight away when the lockdown was announced. We have 3 sessions a week to help build our strength and mobility as well as offer proper rehab during this time. Putting these alongside my runs and workouts with Joe I’m already feeling the benefit. He’s also put a lot of thought into keeping us all ‘ticking over’ until the time comes that we can race again. Hopefully we’ll all be coming back stronger after this!

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