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As I’ve discussed previously, last year I really had a hit and miss relationship with running. I struggled to get into a routine. But recently I’ve been getting back into it, slowly but surely I’ve been picking my mileage up. So how did I get motivated to run again?

Sadly I lost my running buddy and Dr W isn’t big time into running so only occasionally joins me running. So this year I’ve had to motivate myself. Cue a lot of internet time researching motivational tips (and wading through un-motivational BS) to get myself out and motivated to run again. So what worked for me?

#1 – Just go out!

This basically sums up everything I read. If you want to run, even with some hesitation in your brain, just get out! I started out small, in January my aim was one run a week, a couple of km to start, then slowly building. I would make sure I congratulated myself and I didn’t push myself to do it on a set day. Towards the end of the month I picked up the comfort in running again that I had experienced in the past. I started attending my local Parkrun, which I have found so encouraging. Everyone is so friendly. I’m now doing between 2-3 runs a week, some long and some only a couple of km. But you know what, I’m happy to just get out!

#2 – Go on a shopping spree

Yup, new kit. New kit always works for me. I recently got some The North Face* kit (the kit I’m wearing in the photos) and I felt the bomb when I went out for my latest Parkrun. My secretly quiet goal of 2018 was to run a sub 30min Parkrun in 2018. And you know what reader? I’ve managed 2 now! Focusing on shorter runs has actually really paid off when it comes to speed. I am running the fastest I have ever done in my long and bumpy running career. New kit acts like ‘Go Faster Stripes’ I swear!

#3 – Rest

What have I learnt more than anything? Running is tiring. Running with a full time job is exhausting. Running with a commute is crippling. Sometimes you just need to rest. I have given myself rest days when I’d planned to run and basically the rest day helped more than pushing myself for a run. Remember to rest, sleep helps your body recover.

#4 – When you’re ready schedule

I knew I was happy to run a couple of km without stopping, hence why I didn’t embark on C25k this time round. I also find those programs a bit too regimented and often get behind if I take rest days when not scheduled and then not hitting the schedule is massively unmotivating for me. When I’d managed to get to two runs a week I look at these plans to come up with a rough plan for my week based on this. Again I try not to get too bogged down with set days for things, I aim for three runs a week and put a big tick next to them when I’ve done them. It means I can switch up my runs a bit if I don’t fancy intervals and just want a short tempo run instead. My general aim is to slowly build my distances so I can run 10k in September.

#5 – Parkrun

I honestly can’t recommend Parkrun more. It has been a lovely experience meeting and running with others at the weekend. It’s a supportive place even if you can’t run the whole 5k and that’s a worry of yours, you’ll never be last as there’s always a team of tail walkers. Have a look on their website and give your local run a go! Also if you don’t fancy a paper barcode, you can get a barcode wristband like my one from Parkrun Barcode (not affiliate just helpful).

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