Five Things I Hate About Running | 10k Training Update

You probably thought this was going to be a post moaning about hills, heat and running right?! Nope, you are wrong! My Five Things I Hate About Running aren’t about the running itself.

Ok so we all have bad runs, a crappy day at work can throw me off, or even just setting off and not being able to get the pace or get into the run as much as I’d like. But this is my Five Things I Hate About Running that isn’t the running. Because actually in the grand scheme of it all I like running, but there are a few things that grind my gears when it comes to my favourite hobby.

#1 – The washing pile

Does it ever end? I now run 3 times a week and work out on another 1 or 2 days of the week. I thought I had enough kit but obviously not! I’ve had to buy more kit because of that moment when you realise you’ve skipped the washing in favour for lying on the sofa after dinner and not having any clean kit to run in. This is terrible to admit but I’ve definitely also been that person to re-wear a t-shirt for a run. I know, I’m a terrible human. But in my defence I was a skint student a few years ago!

#2 – When it’s time to buy new trainers

God I hate this every time. Not only does it mean sore legs as your faithful shoes start to wear out, it’s also added stress and expense of new shoes. I find this as nerve wracking as a hair cut, you tend to get the same or similar again, but what if they’re completely wrong? What if the company have completely changed the shoes that you love? Sometimes it’s a gamble, but I generally talk to the running shop peeps and they’re pretty good at telling you what’s been changed between models.

#3 – Finding new routes

This is not my forte at all. In my current location I’m struggling to find any routes that don’t involve crazy hills and it’s super frustrating. But then when you think you’ve found a suitable route there’s also this game you play with said new route. The is the the distance right game. There’s nothing worse than the moment you calculate a distance wrong and you find yourself running up and down the road by your house to make it up to the right number!

#4 – Getting bored of old routes

This is one that I don’t suffer with too much, I think music helps. But also, I do like to change my routine up. I have a varied running week, one short run, one middling run and one long run. However, every so often it is time for change. Maybe I’ll try running a route the other way, or shortening my longer route if I am going out for a shorter run. Inevitably when you’re not moving your home location for a while, you’re kinda stuck. That’s where changing up my playlists helps me or taking Dr W out for some company whilst running instead.

#5 – Weather changes

It’s really bloody rare to have perfect weather for a run. At the moment it’s been more of a ‘have I put enough sunscreen on’ kind of running weather. But inevitably soon we will be back to the leaving for a run in the rain, to finishing a run in the blazing sunshine kinda weather. An annoying phase as what do you wear! To be honest unless truly biblical rain is forecast, in changeable weather I stick to a high wicking long sleeve and capris. Everyone is different though, but I recommend light layers rather than one heavy layer in changeable weather.

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