Eat Pasta Run Faster!

With the Great Manchester Run in a few weeks time, what better way than to fuel up but with a wonderful pasta dish and Vapiano are here with their latest campaign ‘Eat Pasta Run Faster’ to help you run further!

Eat Pasta Run Faster was devised with Vapiano along with Dr Sarah Schnecker, a nutritionist. The menu on offer aims to help you refuel without feeling sluggish as well as offering protein filled salad options for lunch time. Perfect for anyone busy training for the 10k!

Whilst I am not training at the moment, annoyingly I have been rather unwell with my arthritis and very busy with work. However, I am happy to see sensible suggestions from a restaurant when it comes to sports nutrition so Mr W and I  went a long recently to try out a few things from the menu. I also love the fact that at Vapiano everything is cooked right in front of you and you can add/remove veggies/meat/etc as you like, so it’s a very personal meal!

Starting with the Strawberry and Spinach salad, which is a wonderful, but unusual salad. The refreshing strawberry goes very well with the goat’s cheese (perfect protein hit) and spinach, I’ve had this dish a few times now. We also shared an Anti Pasti sharer board, maybe not on the Eat Pasta Run Faster campaign, but a perfect protein hit none the less. Lastly we shared the Salsica Con Fichi, a perfect mix of spice to get the metabolism going, a carb hit from the pasta and protein from the sausage. Although Mr W was naughty and asked for parmesan… Haha! We really enjoyed our Italian sharing afternoon 

So if you’re training, don’t be afraid to get some carbs in! They will help you refuel and even fuel up for your race ahead, it’s recommended to think about carb loading at least 2 days before you do race.

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