A Fun Morning at Race for Life

Last weekend saw me run another race after my adventure in the Peaks. A calendar mess up means that it was a two race weekend. But not to worry Race for Life is not a race.

In a way it is, we know that Cancer Research UK are racing to ‘beat’ cancer. But the role of Race for Life, outside of fundraising for a great cause is to include everyone in their events. It may be the pinkest event ever, but there was a huge push to get men involved this year. To which I saw many, of course though the event was full of groups of women. But what was prominent was the friends, people from running clubs, families, all out together raising awareness and remembering those affected by cancer. The event is wonderfully inclusive, in that whatever your level – running, walking or jogging –  you can take part!

As always the event is an emotional one, listening to stories of those who have lost their ‘fight’ or ‘battled’ hard with the big C. Working in clinical trials I am always thankful to those who fundraise for CRUK, but also to those patients who join our trials. It was a lovely experience to run with such a friendly crowd. I took it easy, but I was actually feeling ok from my Maverick Race the day before. So I decided to walk 1 minute and run for 4 until the end and just take it easy. This game plan worked and it meant I could soak up the atmosphere!

If you’re still thinking of joining your local Race for Life this summer, don’t forget that if you enter POND19 at the checkout you will get 30% off your race entry. If you’ve never taken part before I shared my Tips for Race for Life Events recently. My biggest tip of all though, to just enjoy it. These inclusive events are great for runners and walkers of all levels. Let me know in the comments if you’ve run a Race for Life event before or if you plan too,





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