Have You Tried Parkrun Yet? | Manchester Marathon Update #5

I’ve written about my love of Parkrun before, but honestly, I feel like I need to shout out about it again. The weekly timed event is free to all, whether you want to run, jog or walk.

There are now over 600 parkruns in the UK, with many more across the world. I even managed to get a parkrun in when I was visiting Krakow last year. So here is why I think you should give it a go.

#1 – Overall times for parkrun are slower year on year

It’s not a race, yes you get a buzz from a PB, but who doesn’t. The best thing about parkrun though, even if it’s not a PB, it counts to your total. I hit 50 parkruns last year, which saw me get my 50 t-shirt and I am now on to 61, edging ever closer to that 100 parkruns. The slowing of parkrun is nothing bad either, it shows the inclusivity of the event. Whether you run or walk there is a place for you. This takes me to my next point…

#2 – No one comes last

Only if you choose to by volunteering as tail walker. Something I actually want to do this year is volunteer more. Anyway, even if you think you’re slow, you can’t be as slow as the tail walker who is purposely walking at the back. Parkrun is a great place to practice running, I see loads of people using it for walk run intervals! Honestly, you will not be out of place here.

#3 – You can make some amazing friends

I have been so lucky that since starting @misspondruns to have bumped into people I recognise at parkruns. I now have a group of people I regularly get to catch up with. Sometimes we run together, other times we don’t. It’s nice because we cheer each other on at PB attempts, some even pace us to those PBs. Other times it’s great to have a gentle run and a catch up.

Manchester Marathon Training Update

Training week commencing 13th January

Monday – Rest (away with work – Sheffield).

Tuesday – Easy 60 mins. This became an easy 50 minutes as I was just so tired from the long day of travel the day before. I was then rewarded by another joint injection in my other elbow in the afternoon. A fab day all round…

Wednesday – Rest (away with work – Leeds).

Thursday – 3 x 10 mins at half marathon pace (HMP) with 1 mile either side. The weather was awful, and I went out mid-storm Brendan to do this. Running into a head wind/hill for each 10 min HMP section! I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Needless to say, I didn’t really nail the pacing. However, my relative perceived effort (RPE) was spot on (i.e. every 10 mins section was hard bloomin’ work!) I was glad to get it over.

Friday – (Unplanned) rest. I got struck down with a nasty sore throat, not a good idea to go swimming.

Saturday – (Unplanned) rest. Avoided Parkrun to rest again.

Sunday – 1 hour 40 mins long run. The sun came out and I went out with a new vest and just decided to see what I could achieve. I was still a little under the weather (sore throat, no other symptoms). I’m happy to say I managed the whole run and it was rather perfect for a long run. I did 9 miles in 1 hour 42 minutes, which also makes me super happy.

It was a fairly hit and miss week last week. I ran a little less than what was planned by cutting one run short and another out completely. But I did end on a high with that long run. As much as long runs are tiring, they are becoming my favourite part of the week. Like Forrest Gump said ‘I just like running.’

This week

Ooof, a large mileage week lies ahead of me. Some I may have to cut a little short, train delay dependent. But I am aiming to get as much as I can in. My long run on Sunday is 2 hours. BRING IT ON!

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