Four Benefits of Going For Runch | Manchester Marathon Update #7

#1 – It’s a break from your screen

It’s easy to get trapped at your desk and not see the outside world all day. A lunch time run is a great chance to get some fresh air and switch your mind off from work. I sometimes run at lunch time when I work from home choosing to eat whilst I work instead. Near us is a lovely woodland area and it’s great to head there and lose myself for a bit.

#2 – You can make the most of the daylight

Winter training is the WORST. A lot of running in the dark and rain. A lunchtime run in winter sunshine can really turn things around. I really have made the most sunshine where I can when running at lunchtime and it’s cheered me up.

#3 – It can boost productivity

There’s a few studies out there that say working out, especially outside, can stimulate your brain a bit. If you’re a post-lunchtime slump kinda person, then maybe some exercise would help with that. I’ve definitely noticed I have a bit more energy after morning and lunch time runs.

#4 – Your training is done for the day

Like I said above, it’s great to get out at lunchtime as it means that’s it. For a lot of us that’s the workout for the day done. Or maybe it gives you a chance to head to the gym or to a yoga class in the evening that you wouldn’t normally have time for!

Now for a Little Marathon Training Update

Training week commencing 3rd February

Monday – Rest.

Tuesday – Rest.

Wednesday – I sacked off hydrotherapy for an evening with Dr W.

Thursday – Intervals. 1 mile warm up, 12 x 45secs with 60 secs rest and 1 mile cool down. It sounds like a lot of work this session, but it’s one of my favourites. I find myself flying through the reps, and before I know it the session is over. This one was even better as for most of my run it was still light! I can’t wait for spring.

Friday – Hydrotherapy.

Saturday – Parkrun. My last parkrun for a while, as moving forward for a bit I’ve decided to do 3 runs a week only. The run before long run day (Sunday) is getting too much.

Sunday – Long run. 2hr 40min with 4 x 20min at marathon pace. Wow, did it rain. The long run with rain theme starts here. I got it done though and had a dairy milk at mile 10. Despite the weather, it was actually a great run. I’ve found myself enjoying long runs more and more.

Training week commencing 10th February

Monday – Rest.

Tuesday – Rest.

Wednesday – Easy 50min. This was an easy 45min in the end, but it doesn’t matter, I still got out. The weather was actually great for this run, which was much needed after all the rain! I also got to the hydrotherapy pool in the evening for a workout.

Thursday – Easy 50min. After finding myself very tired the two weeks previous to this, and feeling my running suffering. My coach decided that this week would be an easy one, to make sure I got the miles in.

Friday – Hydrotherapy.

Saturday – Rest.

Sunday – Long run. 2hr 45min with 3 x 20min at marathon pace. I ran through Storm Ciara. To be honest it wasn’t too dreadful whilst I was out, I just had to climb over some trees that had been knocked over. I found the marathon pace bits hard though because of the weather, but I got it done!

This week my long run sees me hitting 3 hours! It’ll be another ‘furthest I’ve ever run’ run, and there’ll be a few more of them on the way to race day!

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