3 Tips for Battling Fatigue | Manchester Marathon Update #4

There are two things I’ve noticed about marathon training. Lots of being hungry (runger) and fatigue. As a spoonie I often suffer from this annoying little pest a fair bit more than the odd human. So today I thought I’d share my tips, just in case you are also battling the fatigue monster.

I mean there’s nothing worse than being perpetually tired is there?! But there are definitely things you can do whether you’re training for a marathon or just battling fatigue as a fellow spoonie.

#1 Rest

Simple right? If you’re tired get some rest. But if your schedule doesn’t allow for napping, that’s ok. The first thing you can do is make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If you’re waking up tired, then maybe moving your bedtime by 15-20 mins the other end could help? I have been doing two things to help myself this year. I’ve moved my bedtime a little, but I’ve also taken to having a sneaky post long run nap. It seems to really help recovery, otherwise I am very sleepy on a Monday.

#2 Timetable a lower mileage week in

Has your mileage been climbing up? How long is your plan? If you’re quite some way into your plan, then it might be best to reduce the mileage one week just to let yourself recover. It won’t be detrimental. Just drop your long run down a bit. Or skip Parkrun.

#3 Look at your diet

Make sure you’re getting enough protein in. Not only does it aid your recovery, it can help aid sleep. There’s also evidence that cherry can help with sleep, you can buy concentrated cherry juice from health food stores, which you can take on post-long run.

New Year’s Training Updates

Now I know I’m a little behind in sharing this, but I want to document all of my training. So below is a little round up of my training after Christmas/New Years.

Week commencing 30th December:

Monday – Slow Vinyasa. I was still off work, so I made the absolute most of it and headed to yoga for a dreamy session. Perfect after the long run at the weekend.

Tuesday (New Year’s Eve) – My plan changed suddenly and this should have been a progression run, but I did the original plan, an easy 10k on my favourite route in Worcester. I wanted to run with Richard and make the most of my last weekday run in daylight for a while!

Wednesday (New Year’s Day) – Rest, thankfully. My New Year’s Day hangover was raging for most of the day.

Thursday (First Day Back) – 30 minutes progression run. Switched the session from Tuesday. Hard work after the first day back, but I nailed 10 minutes easy, 10 minutes steady and 10 minutes at tempo pace.

Friday – Hydrotherapy. Great to be back in the pool after a break.

Saturday – Parkrun. This wasn’t a great run, the New Year’s resolution crowd. I got it done though and the bonus is that I got to run with friends.

Sunday – 1 hour 30 mins long run. This was a joyous run; I could’ve carried on it was that lovely. I took it easy and finished at Waitrose for snacks. Perfect really!

Week commencing 6th January:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – (Unplanned) rest. I ended up at the orthopaedic clinic getting an elbow injection (prevention rather than anything terrible).

Wednesday – Runch intervals 12 x 45 seconds. My arm felt OK from the day before, so I embarked on intervals. Each 45 second interval was a focus on form whilst sprinting rather than just going hell for leather, it was focussed. The aim was to finish 12 intervals and be able to do more, which I could (but didn’t obviously) so that was good. I then hit the hydrotherapy pool for a stretch in the evening.

Thursday – Run commute 50 mins easy. I took the long way home to get it done.

Friday – Hydrotherapy session.

Saturday – 2 miles easy. This was just a little run ahead of the hell that awaited me the day after.

Sunday – 10k ‘race’ with 1 mile either side. I was dreading this if I’m honest, I couldn’t find a 10k race, so it had to be me by myself. Luckily a friend offered to pace me, which was just the best. It was really tough work. I came in at 1hr 2, just under my 1hr 3 aim. I was happy with that (and a bit dead the next day).

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