Ultramarathon Training

My injury rehab originally focussed on fixing my ankle sprain. Then when I was able to do more work I got back to specific strength for runners workouts. Given I am now training for an ultra marathon, I have started to level up my training a bit. Here’s how…

Joining the Gym

Despite owning a Peloton, which does come with a library of strength and cardio workouts (guys it’s not just a bike). As I don’t have a huge selection of weights on hand, going to a gym makes sense, so I finally re-joined a gym. Luckily we have one a 15 minute walk from our house. I can head over on a lunch break or before work (WFH joys) and get my workout done. Now whilst it is close, it’s still handy to have a gym bag to put my gym stuff in. This adidas Hot Yoga Tote Bag is an absolute gem. It has 2 lined internal pockets it’s perfect for shoes in one and gym gear in the other. There’s also a full length thinner pocket, which is great for keys, wallet, phone etc. It’s a super handy bag!

Good Shoes for Lifting

Now I am lifting heavier in the gym, I am using a decent pair of shoes to help aid this. The adidas Dropset are well cushioned but also supportive, providing just what I need when picking up those heavy weights. I also couldn’t resist the cute pink colourway, other colours are available though… I have enjoyed using these over the last few weeks and have noticed a real difference in my form with a pair of shoes dedicated to lifting compared to using a pair of old running trainers. The Dropset are also made from 50% recycled materials, part of adidas’ commitment to help reduce plastic waste, another great reason to get a pair of these shoes for the gym!

Yoga is Hard Work

Now, lifting weights is one thing, but bodyweight workouts are another thing. I went through a phase in lockdown of doing an hour of yoga once a week and I am back trying to build this habit up again. The flexibility as well as the strength to lift myself in certain poses has been very helpful for both running and my gym workouts. I have recently been using adidas Yoga Socks for extra grip in my classes, which has been super helpful for more complex poses.

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