Whilst spring might be a bright and exciting time of the year, the sudden kick start of energy can be stressful for some. Spring usually means spring cleaning, time to get back in the garden and getting lots of other typical springtime chores done! This month Om Yoga Magazine is discussing many different ways to get some spring time stress relief. Here are some of my own Spring Time Stress Relief tips for you.

Prioritise your spring cleaning. Do you need to do it all in one day? Work out the best order to do things. Eg. If you want to sort the garden, is there any point in washing the kitchen floor beforehand if you’re only going to tread mud into the house? Mr W and I split the big tasks over a few weekends to get the house and garden sorted. Obviously make sure you catch those nice sunny days for hanging your washing outside

Sleep well. This week I shared a bunch of tips on the Tombola blog about sleep. My top tip is definitely to get your bedroom clean and tidy to help you sleep. Kick out the pets, put your laptop/iPad back in the study, removing distractions will help you focus on sleep!

Try out Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga focusses on the sun and the moon and is mainly posture based. I find the focus on postures (instead of combined movements) better for my focus and it completely switches my mind off from the day I’ve just had. I’d definitely recommend and it’s great for beginners.

Rest more. This doesn’t mean sleep, this means making sure you have time to yourself. Three or four busy days in work in a row? Take some time one evening to have a hot bath, do some yoga or watch that trashy movie you’ve been meaning too for ages. Anything to zone out and rest!

Affirmations. Find a positive personal affirmation you can repeat to yourself when you’re feeling very stressed. This will help calm you and help you find the positive through the negative.

Eat more ginger. Ginger has been proven to be a very cleansing spice. It’s very good for your immune system, digestive system and can reduce inflammation. I am not such a fan of ginger teas, but I do try to cook using it as much as possible.

What are your tips for keeping calm this spring? Let me know in the comments,

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