Cereal bars, when I think of them I usually think of these high sugar almost junk food things that only useful for days when I’m out on the mountains hiking. But Natural Balance Foods wanted to change my mind, so they sent me some of their more naturally made Nakd Bars* to try.

Nakd Bars are raw, gluten free, dairy free and free of any nasty added sugars/syrups (veggie/vegan too). They are basically just fruit and nuts smooshed together and even add to your 5 a day! This technically means they’re not cereal bars, but they are a more healthy alternative to most. Typical ingredients of the bars are 55% dates, 25% cashews and 20% raisins, they are also cold pressed to not add any nasties (like corn syrup) into the process of making them.

I was sent a pack of mixed flavours to try from Cocoa Delight, Pecan Pie to the brand new Bakewell Tart flavour! Now I’ve been trying out Nakd Bars as my afternoon snack, trying to stop myself from running to the vending machine for chocolate (which happens most days!) I love that the bars aren’t too sweet and they don’t send my blood sugar through the roof, they also keep me going until tea time. For me personally, these are great to have if I haven’t had time to run to the shop for some fruit.

The Cashew Cookie flavour has become a firm favourite along with the cocoa based ones, however the berry flavours are still yet to grow on me. Mr W is a huge fan of the Pecan Pie flavour so I think we’ll definitely be buying some more select flavours when these ones are all gone!

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