Hitting the Trails with Adidas

On first take the Adidas Terrex Speed Ultras are a comfortable, light and super bouncy shoe. I can see why they’re marketed for ‘fast ultra running.’ For this reason I genuinely cannot wait to get back into running so I can try them properly. But seeing as walking is the same motion as running, just a little slower, I think I have a good idea of how they fit/feel. I’ve walked a good few miles in them now and have been seriously impressed so far.

I was mildly concerned the grip wouldn’t be enough as the lugs aren’t particularly deep. But I have had no issue in the mud and on slippery grass of the trails near us. This isn’t exactly summer weather we’re having right? I did have an argument with the laces the first time I wore them, but I think I hadn’t tied tight enough as I haven’t had any issues since when wearing. On my longer trail walks, these shoes have been so comfortable, I’d definitely like to be able to take them for a longer run when able.

Ultimately there’s nothing quite like a pair of unicorn trail shoes is there? There’s no denying these shoes are absolutely delightful to look at. Despite having walked a lot in them, I may now be putting them back in their box to enjoy them when I can run again. I definitely think they’d be perfect for a trail race, especially something like Maverick Peaks.

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