Early Morning Trail Adventures | Keeping It Local

As someone who is a devout trails lover, at first I was concerned about lockdown. The nearest trail to me are some woods where every weekend Parkrun used to happen and as you can guess is a popular spot! So after investing in the OS maps app I started looking at other routes available to me.

Luckily for me we live right on the edge of where the city of Worcester meets the countryside. We have a small drive to the Cotswolds (Broadway Tower is one of my favourite trail running spots) but also close enough to get to the Forest of Dean. But as I am not travelling too far – I mean who wants to travel far with no loos available? Honestly! – I am sticking local.

Using the OS maps app (not an AD, just a keen hiker/trail runner here) I found some paths to explore. Some of which I tried last year and failed miserably with. Long story I might tell you down the pub… If I’m ever allowed in a public place again (gotta love being vulnerable at this time right?). So anyway, the other week at ridiculous o’clock in the morning under the guidance of some insta messages from my girl Katie who knows the paths well, I went off to explore. I packed my vest, snacks, water and loaded the route onto my fancy running watch. Absolute bonus here. Could’ve used the OS maps app, which I did have as backup. But the route function on my watch is like sat nav it’s smashing!

I headed down the road and walked the mile or so to where the trail begins. I planned a short circular walk, a few miles overall. What makes it 5 and a bit is the walk along the road from my house (and then back at the end). It’s been a couple of months since our Scotland holiday, so it was so wonderful to be hiking again, I saw no one the entire time. Although I was up at 6am… I do usually see early morning dog walkers, but not this route! It was so lovely to be out, I saw sheep, horses, cows and geese. I am aware how lucky I am to live where I do, but you never know if you explore your local maps what you may find to explore near you.

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