AD | Home Workouts Through Lockdown with Myprotein

I’ve always gone on about how much running I do, but the first lockdown led me to discover new things. With some lovely new kit from Myprotein designed to make working out more comfortable I explored some new workouts (for me). After a year of home workouts I do miss swimming and the yoga studio a little. But I have learnt how handy it can be to fit in workouts quickly at home. Especially with home working, I can just pop my kit on when I finish and head to the kitchen for a class! I’ve never been one for full length tights but actually have enjoyed wearing these Myprotein Velocity Leggings for my workouts. They’re super stretchy, breathable, I don’t feel restricted when working out and they are SO comfortable. I’ve been wearing them for home workouts for a few months now and I’m super impressed with the quality.


OK so this is a bit of a cheat, I’ve always done yoga here and there. But in this last year I have solidified it into my routine. I do about 3 hours a week now. Progress is slower in terms of what I am able to do compared to other exercise, but in a year I have noticed a lot! My balance is now impeccable and am able to progress a lot of poses. I am also a lot more relaxed, taking that time to be a little inward and focus on breathing/movement is helpful in this current situation.

Strength for Runners

Strength work was something I did a long time ago, but when we moved and I started a length commute the gym was a no. This last year I have invested in a bunch of dumbells and have been taking strength for runners classes to help improve my running. The combination of strength and yoga has physically changed me this year. I am a lot stronger than I was a year ago and I feel a lot better when running.

HIIT Cardio

I’d always run away from HIIT whenever mentioned, but this last year I think I joined a lot of people for that morning YouTubers HIIT workout… It’s not my favourite, I prefer LIIT (a lighter version with less impact) but there’s no doubt that it gets your blood pumping! Cross-training is useful for any runner, cyclist or whatever you do and HIIT has helped my cardio somewhat!

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