Moel Hebog is a summit easily achieved from Beddgelert on a short 9-10km route (depending on your descent). We’d turned up Saturday lunch time to our campsite, but because the weather was good we decided to attempt the summit. As we’d booked dinner at the Hebog bistro for 6pm we needed to get up and down in 5 hours, I was a little stressed by this as it’s been a couple of months since I’ve hiked or scrambled up anything…

With a bit of scrambling (nothing too scary) and some huffing and puffing we reached the top to get a cloudy, but still good view. Moel Hebog gives fantastic views of Snowdon as well as out to the coast of North Wales. I was quite happy as we’d made it up in less than 2 hours, giving that I’ve hardly hiked recently and my knee is only just on the mend from twisting it, this was fine by me.

As we were a little pushed for time we went pretty much straight down (there are two other summits you could do nearby), this was a little interesting as the only path is the one we came up and Mr W didn’t fancy gambling with the scree again… So Mr W did some navigation and we got down in just over an hour via a cross country route… It was a little interesting and you really needed to have legs of a mountain goat, but we made it!

The pint at the pub afterwards was very much well deserved and dinner was amazing. I was a little annoyed with myself for not taking my phone to dinner (Mr W’s fancy camera I’d used during the day doesn’t have a flash) as the food was beautiful, but I had promised myself I’d keep away from my phone! But if you’re ever in Beddgelert, book a table at Hebog for dinner, it is truly amazing.

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